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Periodically inspect your garage door visually and test its operation on a monthly basis. Neglecting the maintenance of your door may increase the risk of personal injury or property damage.


It's necessary to visually inspect the parts on the door for wear, tear, and functionality.

Periodic garage door maintenance from our company is one of the best ways to keep your garage door in great working order for years to come. Our maintenance services are performed by our skillful, experienced team.

Independent Garage Door is the name that you can rely on for garage door maintenance service in Worcester, MA. You'll get not only installations but also repairs, services, and replacement work for doors and openers.

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The Importance Of Garage Door Maintenance

  • Check the cables for signs of wear such as fraying or tension loss.

  • Visually inspect the cable sheaves, rivets, and bearings.

  • Check the bearing supports, drums, and mounting hardware.

  • Check the spring tension. Disengage the door opener and lift the door to waist level and let go; the springs should hold the door in this position. Contact your professional installer to adjust the spring tension if the door rolls down.

  • Never attempt to adjust your own springs. Attempting to service your own springs may lead to injury, death, or permanent property damage.

  • Check the track rollers.

  • Check the alignments of the track brackets.

  • Check the hinges and roller carriers.

  • Test the safety function of your opener according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Doors should be lubricated once a year.


Contact our service professionals immediately if the test fails.

Checklist To Keep An Eye On Garage Doors